British Telephone Box

This was a flat pack British telephone box prop that I designed for a short batch production of 10 units.  The product is a replica telephone box that is designed to event hire industry.  It has the iconic look of the famous telephone box while also being able to be flat packed, transported with ease and assembled in minutes.  It has been famously used in many Tv productions as well as being famously used for Justin Timberlake’s Glastonbury entrance a few years ago.

I designed the product initially using a 2D graphic design, adobe illustrator.  This allowed me to analyse the basic recognisable form of the original that inspired it while also then adjusting the proportions so that they may work better in the events industry.  Once I was happy with the visual design in the orthographic form I took the project into 3D.

The intention of the design was to use a CNC milling machine to cut the design in flat panels with additional detailing being cut and applied on top.  I used a simple wedge based system for the connection points between the four panels, this is a very effective way of joining pieces. The bottom of the panels slotted into a tray that further aided assembly as well as accounting for uneven floors.

The very recognisable shape to the top of the box was created using polystyrene as a base material, then cutting 2D profiles on a hotwire machine.  With multiple cuts the form revealed itself and this was refined by the sculpting team.  Additional finishing details such as a crown relief and trims were cut from panel materials on the CNC to add that extra detailing while also protecting the edges of the polystyrene.  Each of the parts were coated with a hard wearing plastic skin then painted with a bright and strong red.


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