Email & Print Campaign Design

This was a design and marketing campaign I worked on behalf of Michael Lewin Solicitors.  I worked with them to create a campaign to promote their Road Traffic Accident department.  The focus of the campaign was Diminution which is the loss of value a car incurs after an accident.  The campaign aimed to educate accident management companies and end clients in this confusing but beneficial area of law.  We showed these user groups that Michael Lewin are the experts in this field which is why they should trust them to handle these types of claims on their behalf.  The main focus was education, which created interest and in doing so resulted in conversion to claims.

To ensure the success of the project I put forward a strategy that contacted potential clients in both the form of an email marketing campaign but also a printed brochure.  I kept the look of the overall design very modern with a colour scheme that was on brand.  I also introduced infographic-style illustrations that I created to break up the content as well as keep the overall design vibrant and fresh.

The first asset was the email flyer.  Using my experience in this field I designed an email that was both exciting and interesting.  I had analysed Michael Lewin’s client base and found the vast majority received emails through Outlook 2003 and 2010.  This can make for a challenge when designing e-flyers as Outlook is renowned for causing formatting issues, problems with styling and above all the strict blocking of images.  I designed a responsive email that was able to prevent these issues as well as styling a design that engaged users at the point of delivery. This encouraged them to accept the download of images which is the first hurdle in any campaign to Outlook inboxes.

The second part of the campaign was to create a small brochure that could work in parallel with the e-flyer but also work on its own as a method for advertisement.  The aim of the brochure was to expand on the basic content provided in the e-flyer.  It would provide the user with as much information as possible to be that final convincer in the campaign.  I designed the e-flyer to stay short and punchy with plenty of calls to action that would send users in the direction of this brochure.  I designed the brochure to a square format so that it could both successfully work well for print but also be well received on screens and devices.


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