Enchanted Flowers

This project was to design a set of giant prop flowers.  I designed this product to work on the principle of creating one amazing product and designing it in a way that it can be easily replicated without loss of quality.  This meant that with the same production time it would have taken to create this product with old methods, we were able to produce a whole garden full of flowers.

For this product, I designed it so that we created one amazing flower head sculpt.  This was then molded to create an open top fibreglass mold.  This allowed multiples to be made with easy by fibreglassing into the mold.  This kept the product consistent and the production efficient.  Previously something like this would have been sculpted in polystyrene and fibreglassed over, however, this loses the potential beauty of keeping the flower head thin and flowing.

This method for the flower head was very successful and gave the build an effortless beauty which was only increased but the fact you could bunch them together.  The next challenge in the design was to create a suitable framework to support the heavy flowerhead.  I wanted to keep the proportions true so I designed the stem to be a curved piece of tubing.  The flowerhead slotted onto this and bolted in place.  I designed a slight angle into the flowerhead and gave it four fixing points, this meant the overall look of the flowers when in a bunch could be changed by simply bolting it on a different angle.  The curved tubing was sculpted onto with polystyrene and fibreglass to give it an organic shape.  This stem then slotted into a weighted base.

I also designed a different stand for this product which was a cluster of flowers.  It followed the same build principles which ensured its success.

This product is available for hire at;

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