Giant Popcorn Prop

A giant carton of popcorn that I designed as feature prop for Cinema and Hollywood themed events.  Supersize packaging at its best!  The design is an exciting two-tone approach inspired by vintage popcorn packaging.  The overall design has a pop art feel that is intended to make a statement with its bright design.  The prop has been featured at many events with a notable mention of it going to London Fashion week alongside some other Pop Art style comic sign I previously designed.  The prop flat packs into panels with a 3D sculpted top, this makes for easy storage but is designed in such a way that it is quick to assemble.

The prop its took inspiration from another design I had done previously that was a Popcorn Table centre.  During that design, I had spent time looking at the various retro styles that popcorn cartons came in.  It became clear to me that a striped design was the way to go so I used that as a background for a stylised logo I created for the packaging.  This gave the overall design visual power through its graphic design.

The next challenge was then to take this 2D graphic design and move it into 3D.  I mocked up a few forms but my favourite was always the taped box style.   Although this looks great and seems simple in theory it is much more complex when it comes to looking at how the design flattens down and is then reassembled.  I used wooden wedges to join the panels together, this allowed for easy assemble to the four sides without any removable fixings.  This structure then creates a ledge for the sculpted 3D popcorn to sit on.  I created the red and white show face of the design using a thin material called HIPS (high impact polystyrene), this is a very durable material which is great for events.  I designed the red and white sheet material to be cut and inlaid into each other on the base material of the structure.


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