Rellekka Longhall – Runefest Event Design

This was a building design for an event inspired by an in-game concept of Runescape. The Rellekka Longhall is a bar from the long-running MMORPG Runescape. It is the focus of many quests in the game and is well known by the players. I designed this at Event Prop Hire for Jagex as part of their yearly event called Runefest which celebrates the game and lets players live and breathe Runescape in the real world. This is an exciting event that I have worked on for the past 6 years, helping Event Prop Hire create immersive and compelling game inspired environments with various prop, theming and bespoke build designs.

This was an interesting project where I took a lot of inspiration form a build I had done the year before which was the Lumbridge Windmill. For that project, I created printed panels that slotted together over a truss skeleton creating a seamless finish. This build was much bigger than the Windmill, however, the approach of using folded Foamex nets with a print finish could still work to disguise the truss, turning it into a coherent design that was true to the in-game concept. The building would be used as a LAN gaming zone, with a large entrance at either side, filled with gaming computers so guests can play Runescape. The build was just as successful as the Windmill, with a smooth installation and incredible feedback from the fans. As well as the product design, I also created the graphics for the build, designing print files used to wrap the flat-pack nets. I was heavily influenced in the graphic design by gaming concept design, creating a whimsical and vibrant design. I added to this with 3D sculpted sheilds and printed banners displaying the Varrock emblem.

For exciting event design in the UK, contact Event Prop Hire. For mind-blowing bespoke builds, EPH Studios offer prop building services.


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