Vintage Gatsby Themed Car Prop

This was a product design for a full-size Vintage replica car prop that I created for event prop hire.  This was an exciting project to work on and is one of my favourites.

The product is designed to fit in as a feature prop for 1920’s and Great Gatsby style events.

The overall design was inspired by old-fashioned stagecoach style cars that came in during the turn of the century in the industrial revolution.  The car that most influences the design is the Ford Model T.  I studied various blueprints of the different types of model T introduced between 1908 and 1927.  I then used these to create my own blueprint for this type of car in Adobe Illustrator.  This allowed me to design a car that best suited the production materials and methods used by event prop hire instead of attempting to create a product from original blueprints.  This process made it possible to design a product that was the essence of a vintage car without the problems of being too accurate.  Also creating my own blueprints ensured they were perfect for importing into 3D modelling software.

Once I had created detailed drawings,  I took my design into SolidWorks.  This allowed me to created a fully realised design that I used to create production drawings for the build.  These drawings included general assembly drawings but also designs for areas such as the metal framework that the product sat upon.  The 3D model was also used to mill out the form out of polystyrene.  This was then fibreglassed and painted based on my design.  I rendered various colour schemes with Keyshot ranging from a railway green to deep blue, however yellow was chosen because of its link to the Great Gatsby theme.

Finishing touches were added, such as Chesterfield style buttoning on the seats, side lantern lights and a logo on the grill.  I designed the prop so that the roof is removable allowing for a top-down look if the weather is accommodating.


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